Tommy Bolack

Phone: (505) 325-4275 | (505) 325-7873


Lou Hall

Cell: (559) 284-4211

Did you know?

Tommy has collected insulators since he was a child; plus he has “mounds” of insulators that you may add to when you are in town; and he has the most extensive collection of rare insulators in the world.

Lou also owns the world’s largest collection of unique pins and brackets, all specifically designed and used for insulators.

The National Insulator Association (NIA) is an organization of collectors and friends interested in electrical insulators and other artifacts connected with the many industries associated with electrical power, such as telephone, telegraph, railroad, power distribution and lightning protection devices.

The NIA was founded on July 7, 1973 at the National Show held in Hutchinson, Kansas. In the first year of its operation, more than 800 charter members joined its ranks. Since then, annual paid membership has reached a high of more than 1,700 members. Residents from each of the states of the United States and the provinces of Canada have become NIA members, as well as from many foreign nations.